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First in Japan × New Drum Performance × Creative group

Formed in Yokohama in 2006 as Japan's first drum performance group with a "Drum Line" as a background characteristic of a marching band.As a new form of entertainment with the Drum line, we perform at concert events, corporate ceremonies and school performances.They have performed in concerts for major artists such as "Kenshi Yonezu," "Taro Hakase," "Wagakki Band," "UVERworld," and "KARA" to great acclaim.In addition to their appearances, they also teach techniques and collaborate on productions, creating a new form of entertainment with their drum performances.

A sense of unity created by technique and technology

Marching drums were originally only used in marching bands and drum corps, but we came up with a performance in which they were the star of the show.It has been called a new genre of entertainment.In addition to performing traditional Drum line, CORE is also creating new performances such as the original LED-lit drum performance.


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